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✅What Are Pandan Waffles?

What Are Pandan Waffles?

Waffles are leavened batter or dough cooked between plates that are usually patterned to give the waffle a characteristic shape, size and also the surface impressions. There are many variations of waffles, based on the ingredients or recipe used in addition to the type of iron used.

These variations range from region to region globally. Here, we are going to focus on the Pandan Waffles which is one type of the waffles available. Pandan waffles originated from Vietnam. They are characterized by the use of coconut milk in batter preparation and a traditional Pandan flavoring. The Pandan waffle flavoring gives quality to the batter with a distinctive spring green color.

Pandan waffles are very popular street food especially amongst kids. In Vietnam they are made either by an electric waffle iron or by heating cast iron molds over charcoal. Pandan is a herb, which is extremely flavoring, with an aroma of coconut and vanilla used to flavor many desserts and particularly goes well with coconut.

How are the Pandan Waffles prepared? Well, the common ingredients on their preparation include waffle batter, eggs, oil, coconut milk, Pandan leaves, Pandan extract and some green food coloring.

First, the Pandan leaves are tied in a small knot and steep with some coconut milk in a small sauce pan, which is brought to a slow boil. It then allowed to steep for ten minutes with the heat turned off and discarded incase one is using a green food coloring.

In a mixing bowl, the batter is then combined with the steeped coconut milk, the eggs and the oil in addition to some Pandan extract and the food coloring. The ingredients are then mixed well until they get a pancake like consistency and cooking with the waffle iron sprayed with some cooking spray.

It is good to note that waffle mixes vary and so one should follow instructions of his waffle mix where water can be substituted with coconut milk. You should also note that if you are making Pandan juice, you should appropriately adjust the amount of coconut milk.

Additionally, if you also plan on making many Waffles, keep cooling the rack so it does not become soggy or limp. On being cooked, the Pandan Waffles turn brown and crispy on the outside while on the inside, it stays green and chewy.

Unlike other popular styles of most waffles, the Pandan waffles are eaten plain due to their intrinsic flavors. Additionally, they also do not require any added toppings and should be served immediately after they are ready.

This is one of the main differences that distinguish them from other types of Waffles. They are also characterized by their spring green color imparted by the Pandan flavoring and also the browning when they are cooked.

The use of coconut milk in the batter their preparation also makes them distinctive to other types of waffles especially due to the flavoring aroma of vanilla. Though they may take some time to prepare than other types of desserts, this is one of the sweetest types of Waffle that you should try.

How to Make Pandan Waffles?

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