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✅What Are Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle?

Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle?

For years, a Macao and Hong Kong favorite, egg waffles are made from eggy-leavened dough prepared using two semi-rounded plates. While the waffles can be eaten without any accompaniments, they can also be served alongside fruits and flavors, including coconut, chocolate, and strawberry.

Also known as “gai daan jai” in Cantonese, waffles go by several names such as the bubble waffle, eggette, Puffle, and egg puff. In New York, an egg waffle is known as the Hong Kong cake.

The residents of Hong Kong cherish egg waffles to the point of nicknaming them “street snacks.” Waffles were classified as Hong Kong’s most loved street snack in a poll involving 100 other snacks.

The love for egg waffles started in the mid-50s when they first hit the streets. Back in the day, they were heated using coal fire and were sold in Hong Kong’s street kiosks.


The source of egg waffles can be traced to Hong Kong. The local name “gai daan jai” means “little chicken eggs.” It is said that the waffles first came into being after World War II. This was after eggs became scarce, and the residents invented an egg-shaped mold to replace the eggless dough.

Another story says that hawkers selling wares on the streets would buy damaged eggs and prepare the waffles. Whichever the case, it is quite accurate to imply that the gai daan tsai was made, in the same way, as the checkered European press.

In other words, the maker’s Hong Kong egg waffles borrowed a leaf from their European counterparts. So similar are the two waffles that they are sold beside each other in most stalls.


Preparation of egg waffles involves the use of sweet, eggy dough. A hot grill is used for cooking the dough. Once the waffles are molded, they are set in a special frying pan with small, spherical round cells. The grill is then placed on hot coals. An electric heater can also be used to heat the grill.

After setting the griddle on fire, the dough is dispensed over the special frying pan and heated. During the cooking process, small oval-shaped egg waffles are formed. To enhance the flavor, chocolate and ginger are added to the dough.

The waffles can also be prepared using quick bread, fermented and yeast-raised dough.

Types of Egg Waffles:

The Hong Kong waffles might be one of the most popular egg waffles, but there are other types, including:

Egg waffles can be eaten at any time of the day, but there might be a variation in time depending on the culture.

Best Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle Maker/Pan:

How To Make Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles?

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