waring-wmk600One of the major complaints regarding nearly all Belgian waffle makers is exactly how much time it consumes. Think of all the days you’ve been in a lodge and they have all those fantastic Belgian waffle makers to use for their breakfast pub. A similar thing can occur in your house. In case you’re providing a family of 4 no one wishes to wait for their turn.

The Waring WMK600 features 2 sets of waffle plates. One side of it has to be filled up using batter and then rotated to the base after which opposite side must be filled up. You may have a couple of waffles cooked in roughly the same time as cooking just one, however, there is also one additional speed advantage this provides you.

Given that both sides of the waffle maker are independent of each other, after you take away the waffle from the 1st side you may quickly fill it up and rotate it to the base just in time to take out the next waffle from the first batch. It is possible to turn the waffle maker into a compact waffle making manufacturing unit and have a plate filled with waffle quickly.


The WMK600 makes use of a non-stick covering on the waffle irons to ensure that your waffles are really easy to remove. It does not imply you ought to cook the waffles without resorting to oil or butter for coating the surface. Waring advises preparing the cooking surface utilizing cooking oil prior to using the waffle maker for the very first time.

The WMK600 is full of tiny features that make it easy to use and also make sure that your waffles are cooked properly each time. The very first item you will observe is that the indicator does beep which informs you when the unit is warm and is able to begin cooking. The original heating of the waffle maker requires roughly 5 minutes; however, it is all set to cook waffle after waffle.

Each one of the cooking surfaces features a compact LED indicator that activates when the cooking of the waffle is completed. Together with the visual signal, you can listen to a series of 3 beeps. Because you’re loading the 2 sides at different times it is advisable to verify which light is on to ensure that you remove the correct waffle first. The period of time the waffles actually cook is regulated by the rotary dial that is used for setting the brownness level.

wmk600Remember that in case you adjust for lower or higher level of brownness you need to wait several moments for the unit to regulate heat. If you instantly include the batter you might be dissatisfied with the results. Increasing the heat 1 or 2 levels typically demands only a minute of heating time just before it is all set.

This final feature we will mention might seem strange. The Waring WMK600 comes packed with a measuring mug for you to utilize for pouring in the batter. This measuring cup enables you to exactly add the correct quantity of batter each and every time.


It is comparatively low in price. The waffle maker is simple to work with and makes a couple of waffles each time. It warms quickly and is able to maintain the heat properly by cooking waffles over and over again.


It is impossible to take remove the waffle plates for cleanup.


In case your family enjoys waffles the Waring WMK600 is strongly suggested. The unit is inexpensive and is also long lasting. With the capacity to cook 2 waffles simultaneously your family will be excited about it and you can prevent those fights between siblings both of whom want it now.