Sometimes it becomes hard to decide on what to have for lunch or dinner and before you consider ordering pizza or Chinese food, think about that waffle maker you have and the wonderful meal that could come of it. Waffles have become quite popular for dinner as they are for breakfast and there are a lot of things that go well with them. Actually, you might find yourself making waffles often because the kids really do love then, and well, so do you.

  1. Chicken and Fries.

Chicken, fries and waffles make a filling and healthy meal and better than that, everyone is going to enjoy it. To make it even more scrumptious, if you make breaded chicken and make citrus waffles then you can be sure you will be making it again and again.

  1. Fruits and Cheese.

If you make whole-wheat waffles and top them with cottage cheese, cinnamon and fresh fruit then brunch will be awesome. At this time, you don’t really need to eat a full meal and cheese melting in all that waffle goodness and tasty fruits, you will definitely have a fulfilled day.

  1. Eggs.

Make savory cornbread waffles then top them with chili and you will have a good meal. However, if you finish it off with a fried of poached egg on top, you will have a great mouth watering meal. You can have this for breakfast or a light lunch but be warned, you will be making this very often. As an alternative, you can mix eggs in the waffle batter to make a cross of a waffle and an omelet then serve with sausages.

  1. Bacon.

This is where you make those amazing whole-wheat waffle tacos and place the bacon right in for a filling breakfast. To this, you can always add an egg to make it even more better. The best thing about waffles is that you can always top them with fruits, whipped cream or pumpkin syrup to make them even more delicious.

  1. Bananas.

Bananas are not only sweet but they are a healthy treat as well and when you combine them with oatmeal waffles, you will be having a whole lot of goodness. You can make the waffles with cornmeal and hazelnut milk then top then with sliced bananas for a healthy and filling meal indeed.

  1. Meat.

Yes, you can have waffles with meat and you can make them almost any way you like. For instance, one can add the meat into the batter mix and press, then serve with cheese, lettuce or tomatoes. You can also add browned sausage crumbs and serve with eggs. However, you can make this for breakfast or lunch and you can be sure that your kids will love you for it.

Final Thought

You can also serve waddles as a side dish at dinner, which a lot of people are doing. Try cutting then into strips and serve them in the place of fries or you can grate veggies to the batter and make them healthier, especially for the kids.