If you are seeking a professional style waffle maker with every feature imaginable, look no further than the KitchenAid Pro Line. This is my personal favorite Belgian waffle maker for few reasons i’ll go into later, but first lets take a closer look at the appliance itself.

KitchenAid Pro Waffle MakerKitchenAid Pro Line Waffle Maker

KitchenAid Pro Line waffle maker is your traditional double sided unit that is able to rotate between two cooking plates, allowing you to make two Belgian waffles at the same time. When I first received the appliance I was surprised by the size of it. The Pro Line waffle maker weighs just a bit over 20 pounds and will take up a decent amount of counter space. Plan to have a space roughly 11 inches wide x 11 inches high x 17 inches deep to accommodate this appliance.

You’ll notice the appliance is very well rugged and made to last. Mine actually survived a fall from the counter without a scratch, but that’s another story.

This waffle iron does not have a temperature control, it has a pre-programmed temperature that seems to work just fine. Your cook time is controlled by the timer. The lack of temperature control can be seen as a plus for beginner waffle makers who tend to set the temperatures too high or too low. No guess work.

Has a ready light when the appliances reaches appropriate temperature to start cooking. Also built in alarm will let you know when your waffles are ready to be taken out.

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What Makes KitchenAid Pro My Favorite Belgian Waffle Maker

There are many features that this waffle maker shares with other high end quality waffle makers currently on the market. What differentiates this model and and helps it earn its title? The KitchenAid Pro Line waffle maker has a larger cooking surface when compared to similar waffle makers! It is able to make Belgian waffles almost 8 inches in diameter and over an inch in thickness. Now that gives you a ton of surface to load up those delicious waffle pockets with your favorite toppings.

Another of my favorites is the consistency at which this makes waffles. Always uniform and every batch looks perfect and exactly the same. None of my previous waffle makers were able to cook with such uniformity.

editorscore49Worth Buying KitchenAid Pro Waffle Maker?

This appliance will not come cheap. They usually go around $200 which is a lot of money to pay for a waffle maker. But like most things, you really do get what you pay for. Issue with economy waffle makers is they burn out right outside their warranty period. Instead of having to purchase a new one every few years or so, you can purchase a solid, reliable unit that will last for much longer without headaches.

I don’t regret spending almost $200 on my own personal one, its hard to find a waffle baker that will make Belgian waffles as large and deep as this Pro Line waffle maker. I’ve had mine for 3 years now without any problems, so I can say without a doubt that the money was well spent.