Do you know that there are two main variations of waffles? There are two slight variations are the homestyle and buttermilk waffles. But not many people can tell apart the two waffles. As a matter of fact, they are prepared in a similar way, served the same, and have almost the same nutritional information.
There are few details about the two that set them completely apart. Here are some of the main differences between homestyle & buttermilk waffles:

• Ingredients
If you take a look at their ingredients and nutritional information, they are typically the same, but the liquid ingredients are different. Homestyle waffles are made with regular milk while the buttermilk ones are made with buttermilk. Use of buttermilk on buttermilk waffles is the reason they are fluffier compared to milk-based ones. The two waffles have the same ingredients formation, but liquid ingredients are the differentiating factor. Homestyle waffles use milk as the binding liquid ingredient while the buttermilk ones use buttermilk. Don’t forget to buy the best waffle maker you can afford.

• Taste
Both the homestyle and buttermilk waffles have different tastes. If you take waffles regularly, you will definitely notice a change in taste if you switch either of them. Buttermilk ones are known for their sour taste that sets them apart from homestyle and other milk based waffles. This taste could be a result butter which is sometimes sour due to acid in it. On the other hand, homestyle waffles are not associated with sourness, and this is the fact that they made of regular milk as the binding liquid ingredient- note that milk is always fresh while being used on these cakes. It is also worth noting the buttermilk waffles’ sourness can be reduced by leavening it with baking soda instead of baking powder.

• Texture
The texture is another differentiating factor between the two waffles. If you hold the two, you definitely notice that they have a different texture. For instance, buttermilk waffles are known for their fluffy texture that is considerably airier than their counterpart. These waffles are also springier than homestyle ones. You will also notice that buttermilk ones are also creamier textured than homestyle. These are the main texture differences that are easily identified by just hold them. The grooves have also been used to differentiate the two especially if they are from the same company.

• Size
Both the homestyle and buttermilk waffles have different sizes. Homestyle waffles are typically thinner than buttermilk ones. The fact that the latter uses buttermilk as the main binding liquid ingredients is the reason why they appear larger in size compared to its homestyle counterpart.

These are the main differences between homestyle and buttermilk waffles. Most of the people are only aware of the fact that one is made of buttermilk while the other is made of regular milk. Other more differentiating factors can be attributed to branding particularly if the two are coming from the same supplier.