Presto Waffle MakerShopping for a good budget Belgian waffle maker can be tough. The $20-40 category is extremely competitive and offers many brands and styles of waffle makers. Unfortunately as true with most appliances, you really do get what you pay for. So is it possible to buy a good quality waffle iron, that will last and produce good quality and evenly cooked waffles? After doing weeks of research and testing multiple brands I’ve come across the Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle maker that creates very good quality Belgian waffles.

About Presto Waffle Maker:

Creates thick, 7 inch diameter Belgian Waffles. Brushed stainless steel exterior with a LCD timer and a “ready to bake” light to let you know when the appliances reaches operating temperature. Nonstick interior for no hassle cleaning. The design lets it be stored up upright position for easy storage, and can be flipped 180 degrees to evenly distribute the batter when baking.

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Using Presto Waffle Maker: Simplicity

Turn on and let the the waffle maker get to temperature. A light above the timer will dim when the appliance reaches operating temperature and is ready to bake. Pour a cup of your favorite batter into the grid. Set the timer for 3-4 minutes based on own preference. After closing the lid, wait about 2 seconds and rotate the appliance to distribute waffle batter evenly on the cooking plates. Once the baking is complete remove the waffle from the nonstick grid and enjoy right away. The waffle is 7 inches in diameter, and easily separates into four smaller pieces.  Brushed stainless steel exterior of the waffle maker makes cleaning up effortless. To store in minimal spaces, the appliance can be locked in upright position.

What I Wish This Appliance Had / Didn’t Have:

Some features have to be given up when shopping within a budget. In the case of the Presto waffle maker you give up browning control.

editorscore45To Buy Or Not To Buy:

Want a simple to use, effective, and under $35 waffle maker? The Presto waffle iron is made with simplicity in mind. Sure it doesn’t have any fancy features that more expensive appliances have, but it still makes some REALLY good waffles. So yes, definitely worth the buy. Not only worth it, but most likely one of the best waffle makers under $40.