WafflesNothing rivals impeccably served and tasty waffles as a breakfast meal. The waffle maker is obviously a requisite necessity in making this delicacy. In as much as waffles can be enjoyed plainly, toppings go a long way in ensuring that the perfect taste is achieved when enjoying this delicacy. However, albeit numerous waffle toppings are in existent, very few can contend for that ‘greatness spot’ as the best waffle toppings that are superb with waffles.

Among the available toppings options for waffles, chocolate topping is arguably the most popular and the favorite for most people across all age groups. Chocolate toppings can also be mixed with berries including raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. These toppings are a delight to many, not only for their appealing look when used as waffle toppings, but also for their unique savor which they bring on waffles.

Nutritional waffle toppings options are equally available for the health cautious individuals. These healthy topping alternatives mainly include either fruits or nuts. Toasted nuts, for instance, presents a unique ingredient of nuts which can be served alongside brown sugar and butter overlaying some warm waffles. Honey or maple syrup can also be used in this ingredient for a tasty waffle meal that will definitely be a great treat.

Blueberries on the other hand are preferred as a great waffle topping because they are both healthy and delicious. The berries are a source of Vitamins, essential nutrients and also antioxidants.

Other nutritional toppings that promise to be delicious include strawberries. Strawberries are great because of their sweet, tangy and their relative sour savor which serve to complement the waffles’ creamy taste. Th strawberry ingredient can be served either fresh or frozen, dipped in chocolate, mixed with whipped cream or some ice cream, all of which will deliver a delicious waffle meal.

Probably next to chocolates, bananas are arguably one of the commonest waffle toppings. Bananas are preferred because of their sweet taste which brings a fruity taste to the creamy waffles. For an even more heavenly experience, adding a little bit of brown sugar or white vanilla extracts to waffles will do marvels.

The waffle maker wonder product- waffles, can also be served with butter. Butter is a classic topping that has been used since time immemorial. It offers a creamy taste to the waffles without compromising on the waffles taste. Honey and syrup can also be used alongside butter in this ingredient.

Using peanut butter by itself is a sweet and savory treat. Imagine its effect when used in waffles! It can only ensure nothing short of a heavenly experience that is bound to make mouths water with delight. This ingredient can be served with honey or strawberry, overlaying waffles.

A cheese topping is an equally great topping and the cheddar cheese is the most widely used cheese in waffles. Cheese is often grated on the waffles and allowed to melt slowly as the waffles absorbs the cheese flavor hence its a proffered topping.

The exceptional flavor that bacon brings on waffles and its crispy nature also makes it one of the best waffle toppings. Bacon can be combined with other ingredients including tomatoes, mayonnaise or cheese which contribute to a unique flavor.

An equally noteworthy topping is Cinnamon which offers a distinct flavor that is perfect with waffles. Cinnamon’s strong flavor can also be complemented by adding cream, peach or apples for that great taste. Its unique taste makes it a darling for many users.

A combination of maple syrup and butter is the commonest Belgian waffle topping and a great treat. Butter is allowed to melt through warm waffles and the maple syrup glazed through. The butter’s richness combined with the woody taste of the maple syrup ensures a great topping.

Countless people also regard hazelnut chocolate as a great waffle topping. Using hazelnut chocolate spread over waffles offers a nutty savor on the waffles which when combined with the waffle’s crunchy taste, heightens the inside fluffy tangy taste of waffles.

Powdered sugar is used to heighten the natural taste of waffles and is one of the simplest topping options. It is a preferred option for persons without the ‘sweet tooth’. Whipped cream or ice cream can also serve as a great topping for waffles by adding a layer and great taste to the waffles.