All-Clad 99011GT Stainless steel Belgian waffle maker is all you need to achieve greatly in your Belgium baking experience. The waffle maker has seven browning settings for you to achieve the best results in your baking experience. With the equipment in your home, you will enjoy making delicious brunches and desserts at home.

It is very easy to operate; the light indicators will inform you when the waffles are preheating and the beeping sound will let you know when the waffles are just ready for you to serve. The nonstick surface makes the process of cleaning the waffle maker very easy. The all stainless steel construction makes the waffle maker achieve great strength. You will use it for many years before you can think of a replacement.



Why All-Clad Waffle Maker is a Good Buy:

Easy to use

The waffle maker comes with seven different settings. The settings make it easy for you choose from different shades and browning. It is made to assure you the best services when trying to achieve different tastes. Just try different tastes after applying the settings available and decide on one which will assure you great services. With the waffle maker, your family members will always enjoy your cooking. The operation is very easy, pour your batter, close the lid and turn on the knob for your cooking session to start.

LED indicator

The LED indicators play a great role in informing you when it is ready to cook or eat your waffle. You will know the right time to pour the batter so that you will start cooking and the time when you will have to eat the waffle. The lights prevent incidences where you will serve waffles which are not yet ready or cases where they are burned. The advanced heating technology which the waffle maker employs ensures uniform heating of your waffle till it is perfectly cooked. The green light on the indicator lights well for you to see the condition of your waffle being cooked easily.

Nonstick cooking surface

The nonstick cooking surface makes it very easy for you to clean the utensil after cooking. The removable drip tray makes cleaning effortless. You will take the shortest time to clean up the all clad waffle maker.

Easy-to-cut sections 

The easy to cut sections and extra deep pockets make it easy for you to enjoy your waffles with different type of toppings. With the waffle maker, you can bake square shaped Belgian waffles with great ease. The easy to cut section makes it easy for you to capture jam, chocolate, sugar and fresh fruits when baking your favorite waffles.

Beautifully designed

When buying equipment in your kitchen, then you need to buy those which will assure you great beauty. The waffle maker has great design which will complement the stainless steel cookware you have in your home. Other great features in the all clad waffle maker include removable drip tray, locking lid which allows you to store it upright easily. The integrated cords also make storing the waffle maker very easy.