The journey itself started about two years ago. I was watching a cooking show where the chefs were cooking up some really good looking high end waffles. At that point I’ve only made a several in my life and they have looked no where as good as the ones the professional chefs were making. That’s when I decided i’d like to be able to create amazing looking waffles like they were. Next day I was at my local kitchen appliance store looking through some waffle irons. I was in a slight panic when I saw about 20 different styles and brands of waffle makers on the shelves. The price range was just incredible, anywhere from $30 budget iron to the $300 beast of a commercial heavy duty appliance.

That day I left the store without purchasing anything. I went online and wanted to do some research to be more prepared next time I returned to the store. After typing a few key phrases into Google, no relevant sites popped up. Sure there were sites that dealt with waffle machines but none had anything more than generic reviews and specifications. Every time I visited a different site it seemed to have same dull generic product information. That’s when I made it my mission to go through as many waffle makers and create a site for those who were once in my shoes. Welcome to ThrowingWaffles and enjoy your browsing! Don’t forget to let your friends know!


Feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback or review requests. I love answering your questions!