brusselswaffleNo other food comes close to the delicious and versatile nature of the waffles. The waffle comes across as structurally superior and tastefully divine. It is widely used for breakfast, brunch or even as dessert in many parts of the world. Do you often find yourself making waffles that are limp, bland and tasteless or are tired of the same old recipe? Herein is the list of ingredients that can be incorporated into the waffles to make them taste divine.

  1. Chopped pecans

These crunchy nuts grown in the south can be added to the waffle batter to give the waffles a twist. They can be used roasted, toasted or salted. They should be chopped into smaller pieces before being added to the batter.

  1. Wild rice

Adding wild rice into the batter adds that crispness that we are all looking for in our waffles. Instead of using just plain white flour, why don’t you try including wild rice for that delicious crispy waffle?

  1. Chocolate chips

Here you can choose to alternate between bittersweet and semisweet chocolate chips. In order to get a creamier sweeter result, use milk chocolate chips. All you need to do is to fold in the chips at the end of the mix cycle just before baking.

  1. Unsweetened apple sauce

To make it:

  • Put apples and water in a sauce pan.
  • Allow it to boil then simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • You can add some cinnamon then let it cool before adding it to the batter mixture.
  1. Walnuts

You can opt to choose between the English or black walnuts. The former has a mild flavor while the latter has a strong flavor. Make your choice depending on the flavor you want.

  1. Blueberries

Use dried blueberries instead of fresh or frozen berries because they stay suspended in batter during baking. In Addition, they maintain a more structured texture and they don’t easily burst when exposed to heat during baking. When adding them to waffle batter, fold them in at the end of the mix cycle in order to minimize streaking and color leeching. In order to get a more vibrant color to the batter add a little lemon juice.

  1. Almonds

These have a mild rich flavor. Before added them to the batter, they should be finely chopped. Blanching should be done to remove their brown skin.

  1. Bananas

These delicious fruits add flavor and sweet smell into the batter. To incorporate them, mash ripe bananas into a cup then add to the batter mix to make the waffles creamier.

Waffle baking no longer has to be a mundane task that has no thrill since there are endless ways to add life into an old waffle recipe. The above 8 ingredients have the ability to transform a bland tasting waffle into a heavenly tasting one that will leave you yearning for more. Find the best waffle iron from our reviews! In case you are yet to try out our above listed ingredients, there is no need to buy more time. Go out now and feel free to experiment with as many of them as possible, you will love the results.