Best Waffle Maker – 2014 Top Picks & Honest Reviews

Welcome to my Waffle Maker Review site! If you can’t tell, I am a HUGE fan of making waffles. And I will be sharing my own personal experience to help you pick the best waffle maker for your household. We will look into popular brands and styles of waffle irons. With time I will also add tip and tricks for those wanting to master this skill. Sure, everyone can make some basic waffles, but there is a lot of techniques one needs to master to make the PERFECT waffle. It all starts with selecting a proper appliance, so lets quickly jump into it!

Selecting the Best Waffle Iron

As you probably already guessed, there is a lot more to the waffle iron that meets the eye. Before you even CONSIDER buying your very first one there are few things you need to keep in mind. Don’t make the mistake of buying and researching after. Your waffle maker will be the reflection of what you enjoy in a waffle. If you’ve never had professional made waffles, I suggest you go somewhere and experiment with different styles to pick one you truly enjoy.

Sizes:  This will be your first major decision. Are you more of Belgian-style waffle (thick) or traditional classic (thin) fan?

Shape:  Personally I prefer my Belgian waffles square and traditional round. But if you’re adventurous, or feeding kids, there are waffle machines that can make waffles into animals, stars, moon, and other miscellaneous shapes.

Features: So, what features should one look for? Look for a waffle iron with a drip pan. Audible alarm to let you know the waffle is ready. One that has consistent cook on both sides of the waffle. A multifunction waffle iron is always great, is it able to make pancakes or eggs as well? How is the warranty?

Cleaning: Its crucial to make sure your new waffle maker is nonstick. Models with removable plates that make cleaning easier is a huge plus for me. CAUTION: Remember to let the appliance to cool prior to cleaning, you can receive some serious burns if you try cleaning right away. I will write an article explaining how to properly and safely clean your waffle maker soon.

Best Waffle Maker – All Category Ratings

Waring WMR 300 ReviewWaring WMR300 Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker (96/100)

Waring WMR300 in my opinion is the KING of breakfast appliances. It has all the features I was looking for when shopping for my own waffle maker and MORE. What other appliance will cook you a perfect, thick Belgian waffle and omelet at the SAME TIME!

In mood for pancakes or grilled cheese, no problem WMR300 can take care of that as well. There are two features I absolutely love in this appliance, ability to control browning with two adjustable thermostats and its rotary feature that helps maintaining complete and even cooking on both sides. To find out more, read our full Waring WMR300 waffle maker review.

Category Winner: Best Overall Waffle Maker

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 Kitchen Aid Waffle Maker ReviewKitchenAid Pro Line Belgian Waffle Maker (93/100)

If you are a true fan of Belgian waffles for breakfast look no further and get this unit! Creates two delicious crispy on outside and soft inside, deep waffles at once.

A word of warning, this waffle maker is NOT CHEAP, if you don’t want to spend around $200 look into buying the WMR 300. But for those who money is not an issue, and just want a machine that will create the best quality waffles should keep reading my full KitchenAid waffle maker review.

Category Winner: Best Belgian Waffle Maker

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Presto Waffle Maker ReviewPresto Belgian Waffle Maker (82/100)

This particular Presto Belgian waffle maker can be described by one word; simplicity. It finds itself in the very competitive category of budget waffle irons. We have gone through a variety of brands and styles of economy waffle makers and feel that this one is a great all around unit without feeling cheap like majority of waffle irons in same price category.

Looking for a simple appliance without fancy features? This unit will do just that, make delicious Belgian waffles without breaking the bank. What did we like/dislike about this unit? You’d have to read our full Presto waffle maker review.

Category Winner: Best Budget Waffle Maker

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Waffle Maker Reviews –  Individual Category Favorites (COMING SOON)

Best Overall Waffle Maker

Best Budget Waffle Maker

Best Belgian Waffle Maker

Other Notable Waffle Irons (Coming soon)


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